CCS2 TO GB/T DC Adapter

NEV charging adapter

CCS2 TO GB/T DC Adapter

GB/T TO CCS2​ DC Adapter

CCS1 TO GB/T DC Adapter

CCS 1 to CCS 2 Adapter

Power Plug Adapter

Type 2 to GB AC Adapter

CCS2 DC Charging Socket

GB DC Charging Socket

Type 2 AC Dual Connector

NEV Charging Plug

High-power Nalural Cooling

Plug dimensions meet IEC62196-3:2022 requirements Cable is lightweight and small,easy to operate,and pleasant to use Outstanding cooling structure that covers cable conductors and terminals,synchronously dissipating heat from the plug’s pins Meets the requirements for use at an altitude of 4000m

CCS 2 DC Charging Plug

GB/T DC Charging Plug

CCS 1 DC Charging Plug

Type 2 AC Charging Plug

GB AC Charging Plug

Type 1 AC Charging Plug

Portable Charger (Mode 1)

Portable Charger (Mode 2)

Portable Charger (Mode 3)

Charging Pile


the best charging station For EV fast charger
Card swiping start stop
Card swiping billing
Online QR code scanning
Overheat protection
Overvoltage protection
Short circuit protection
Charge protection

60-180KW DC charging pile

20-40KW DC charging pile

Type 2 GB AC charging pile

60-160KW DC charging pile

30-40KW DC charging pile

60-160KW DC charging pile

Our Vision

To be the world’s leading provider of charging solutions.

Our Advantages

Complete Innovation Ecosystem R&D, production, and strong quality control capabilities; World-renowned OEM supplier credentials; International SKA merchant and seller; Setup led by Dr. Yang Tao, an esteemed expert in electrical power; Years of overseas sales experience with increasingly sophisticated brand and channel development

We provide electric vehicle charging solutions to more than 900,000 households


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